The Terrible Horrible Lie of Scarcity

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The Terrible Horrible Lie of Scarcity

There is such a horrible lie of scarcity in our culture and in our world that does so much damage! The lie goes something like this: there’s only a limited amount so the more that I have, the less there is for others.

This puts us into the bind of thinking that if I do well it is at the cost of others which makes me selfish, greedy, and even evil. So now I have to choose. Either I can do well and be evil or I can flounder and be good.

If we examine this even the tiniest bit, this evil lie shatters into a million pieces.

If there were not entrepreneurs who set out to do well, there would be no jobs. So, billions of people have an income because of those who are aiming to do well.

Secondly, every dollar that you and I spend (whether on a necessity or a luxury) is how someone else is paying his mortgage, putting her child through college, putting food on her family’s table, taking his family on vacation etc. So the less I have, the less I can support others.

When I have less, I make sure that others have less too!

If I cannot afford to eat out, no one in the restaurant industry is making an income through me. If all my money goes to necessities, no one in the millions of businesses where I can spend discretionary money is making an income through me. I am bringing others down.

How’s the lie of scarcity standing up to a little examination?

The converse of this is that when I do have money to spend, others make an income off of that. My doing well helps others to do well. The exact opposite of the lie of scarcity.

I’ve read criticism of wealthy people spending extravagantly on remodeling their already beautiful homes rather than giving that money to a non-profit – thus making them greedy, selfish, and evil.

Again, let us examine this stupid lie

Of course giving to non-profits is a great thing to do. And guess where the vast vast majority of funding for non-profits comes from? It comes from people who write checks with a comma or two in them. If the wealthy people stopped giving to non-profits, the non-profits would cease to exist or would exist on a much smaller scale.

Many wealthy people do both. They spend on themselves and they support non-profits.

Secondly when they spend on themselves, others make an income. So back to the remodeling – architects, interior designers, contractors, laborers, building suppliers, building supply employees, truckers, inspectors, manufacturers, loggers, saw mill employees, miners, and others are all making an income because this person can afford to remodel.

Their doing well and having discretionary funds helps others and even blesses others.

There’s an old saying, a rising tide raises all boats. When we do better, we automatically help others to do the same. That is The Truth of Abundance!

Please quit throwing fuel on the fire of the lie of scarcity and instead embrace The Truth of Abundance! We can and will change the world by doing this.

Much Love,

I write these Daily Doses because I know that my content does make a difference and helps people live better lives. So, if you know someone who would benefit from today’s thoughts, please pass this on. Thanks and gratitude in advance! 

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