Policies & Procedures For Life ~ A Guide To Live Boldly

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When we experience discomfort, we immediately have a choice to either shrink, retreat, and play it safe – or to expand, lean into the discomfort, and take bold action.

Most people’s default setting is to shrink and retreat. This is not the way to create the life of your dreams and get what you want!

So, a very useful thing to do is to establish your own guidelines for what is the “right” i.e. beneficial, useful, and productive way to respond to discomfort. Then because you have pre-decided on the appropriate response or course of action, when discomfort arises these guidelines can help you to not knee-jerk-response and instead do the useful thing.

As an example, here are some of my policies and procedures for living boldly. Feel free to adapt any of these and take the time to create your own.

  • When I catch myself saying, “I don’t want to do that.” Or, “I don’t feel like doing that.” I immediately take at least one baby step in that direction. E.G. make one phone call, answer one email, do 5 jumping jacks, wash one dish – anything (no matter how small) to just get started.
  • When I hear the God Whisper, the hit of intuition, I take action immediately if possible, or make a note to myself to remind myself to do it as soon as possible.
  • When I’m scared to ask for something, I remind myself to celebrate the courage of asking and then ask anyway. Then feel good about myself independent of the outcome because I asked for what I wanted.
  • Whenever I experience discomfort, I remind myself that discomfort is my friend and means that I am up against the boundaries of who I know myself to be and the something very good is on the other side of this.
  • Whenever I feel uncomfortable about a money conversation, I take a deep breath, send love to myself and the other person, and bring it up anyway. “So now is the time we get to talk money. What’s your budget for this?”
  • When I catch myself thinking negatively about someone or negatively judging, I #1 STOP and then either use the release technique, “I love you, I forgive you, I release you to the Holy Spirit” or I get curious about how that person is amazing and wonderful.
  • When someone or something pushes my button and I have that rush of emotion, I remember it is not personal. Then I see if it strikes any chords in me and if it does then I know I have some work to do with myself and I choose to see that person or situation as my ally, supporting me to be the best person I can be.

So will I do these things every single time – of course not. But, can I make progress and get better at it – of course! And knowing what the desired response is makes it that much easier.

Much love,

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