Pine Cones and Attention

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Pine Cones and Attention

I was talking with a client this morning about how good it is for our business when people feel good about themselves when they are around us.

She asked, “How do you do that?” One of my answers was – by giving that other person our full attention. Our attention is an incredibly powerful gift that we can choose to give. Nobody is getting enough attention so when we give quality attention, it stands out.

Then I asked her, “How does it feel when you can tell that the person you are talking to on the phone is doing something else?” The answer – not good!

So stop what you are doing and give that person your full attention. Let them know that they are deserving of your full attention, that they are more important than something else. This leads to them feeling good about themselves.

She then asked about talking on the phone while driving because that is when she makes a lot of her calls.

When she asked that question, I got out of my mobile office (my car parked in the shade) and started to pick up pine cones while continuing our conversation. After a couple of minutes, I asked her if she could tell that I was “multitasking”. She couldn’t. That is because I was making her far more important than the pine cones. My attention stayed on her and I also happened to have a handful of pine cones.

Then I said, now notice how this feels.” And, I made the next pine cone more important than her. The pine cone was first in my mind and she was second. She could immediately feel that.

Make that other person important. Give them your full attention. Be tremendously curious about who they are, what they are up to, and how you can serve them.

Our attention is an incredibly powerful thing. How are you using yours?

Much Love,

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