Personal Algebra

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Let’s hop into our time machine and go back to high school algebra ~ 24 + X = 47. Since we know 2 of the values, it is easy (depending on your affinity for math) to figure out the 3rd value, the unknown: X = 23.

Who says algebra was useless? We can apply this to our lives today. We have 2 known values, ourselves and our results, and one unknown, our beliefs.

Jonathan + X = specific result. (X is my unknown belief)

This allows us to ask ourselves the million dollar question: based on these results, what must I believe?

For example positive: Jonathan and the specific result of lots of clients = belief that I have value to offer, belief that getting clients is easy, belief that people want what I have, or something along those lines.

For example negative: Jonathan and specific result of few clients = disbelief about value I have to offer, belief that getting clients is really difficult, belief that people do not want or need what I have, or something like that.

In personal algebra just like in regular algebra, if I change X then what is on the other side of the equal sign must change too. If X becomes 50 instead of 23 then the equation must equal 74 instead of 47.

If I replace my negative example beliefs with my positive example beliefs, my results will change too.

So, based on your results, what must you believe? And, is it time for some belief upgrades? You do the math (I’ll provide the bad puns).

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