Free Fish Society ~ are you a member?

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Free Fish Society ~ are you a member?



Imagine that you are a fish and that you are swimming along when suddenly right in front of you is a big juicy worm.

What do you do next? That worm sure looks deliciously tempting. It is a tasty looking invitation to take a bite. But if you do, you are hooked and no longer a free fish. Now the fisherman is in charge and running things and you are most definitely not happy about it.

So, the question is: How important to you is it to be a free fish? Are you willing to swim right past that worm so that you can continue to be a free fish or is the temptation too much and you just cannot help yourself?

The big juicy worms in our lives are invitations to be angry, hurt, jealous, anxious, lonely, disrespected etc. – to disapprove of ourselves, judge ourselves, be concerned about what other people think etc.

How important to you is it to be a free fish? Can you swim on by? Once you take a bite, you are screwed. Now you are in a fight for survival and are most certainly no longer free.

Is anything worth giving up being a free fish for? (My answer to that question is “no”.)

However, we will most certainly find ourselves with a hook in our mouth again. So then, the question becomes, “How quickly can I spit this hook and return to being a free fish again?”

How important to you is it to be a free fish?

Much love,


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