“er” makes all the difference in the world

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“er” makes all the difference in the world

If I say that I want to be happy, it logically means that I am not happy now. If I say that I want to be wealthy or healthy, it logically means that I am not wealthy or healthy now. You don’t say you want something that you already have.

So in effect, I am falsely identifying myself as a not happy person, a not healthy person, or a not wealthy person.

If I add an “er” to those words, it changes the story dramatically. I want to be happier means that I already have some happiness and simply want more. It means that I am doing something that works on the happiness front. Most likely this is a far more accurate statement than “I want to be happy.”

The total absence of health is death. So if you are not dead, then you have some health and the more accurate statement is, “I want to be healthier.”

There is already so much wealth in your life (an abundance of things that matter). So, the much more accurate statement is, “I want to be wealthier.”

Change some of those statements that you are habitually making about yourself to the “er” or more version (e.g. more successful) and notice how much better it makes you feel about yourself.

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