Okay to be human

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Okay to be human  Human beings make mistakes. Humans are less than perfect. This is a part of being alive. However, many people have stories that it is not okay to make a mistake, or not safe to make a mistake, or that they need to be perfect. This puts people in an impossible position […]

Kind of open for business

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Kind of open for business  I helped a chiropractor grow his business by 40% in less than a month. His head trash was the equivalent of having a sign on his front door that said, “kind of open for business”. So, people kind of came for treatment or they kind of didn’t. He was putting […]

Already validated

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Already validated  Imagine parking in a garage and then going to a restaurant that validates your parking. Then imagine that every couple of minutes you go to the hostess stand and check if you are still validated. That would be pretty silly. A much better plan would be to relax, enjoy your dinner, and trust […]

Wonder vs Worry

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Wonder vs Worry  Worry is such a damaging thing and we tend to be like a dog with a good bone when it comes to worry – we chew on it and chew on it and chew on it some more. Instead of worrying try wondering. Worrying is focusing on what we do not want […]

Bigger than our problems

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Bigger than our problems  There’s an old saying about being bigger than our problems. What would happen if we took this literally? Think about one of your big problems. This could be with a person or a situation. Now notice that from your mind’s eye perspective, that person or that situation is bigger than you […]

More suspicion less trust

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More suspicion less trust  When it comes to our own thinking, oftentimes we’d be better served by more suspicion and less trust. (when we are upset, when we have good excuses for not being in action, when we think we know what others are thinking, when we are criticizing ourselves, etc.) What if these thoughts […]

Do they even notice?

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Do they even notice?   So often we get all caught up in worrying about what other people will think. Yet the truth is that they are not thinking about us nearly as often as we imagine they are. One week before our recent cruise, my daughter shaved her head as a fundraiser for childhood […]

Outwitting Our Thinking

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Outwitting Our Thinking  Sabine was sitting next to me on the roller coaster. She was about to ride for the first time. I could see, feel, and hear her starting to get anxious. I figured that this would most likely turn out to be a scary experience for her rather than an exciting experience if […]

An incident in the parking lot

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An incident in the parking lot  The other day I gave another driver the “you go ahead wave”. She did go ahead but she didn’t wave, smile, or acknowledge my gesture. This got me to thinking. If this isolated instance was an accurate portrayal of how she does life then she doesn’t have a chance […]

Just a misunderstanding

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Just a misunderstanding  We are so quick to think that there is something wrong with us because our lives don’t look the way we think they “should” or because our behaviors are not what we want them to be. We are not bad or wrong!!! These situations simply mean that there is something missing in […]

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