A Walk With Money

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A Walk With Money

Money!  That’s a topic that is seldom far from people’s minds.

How do I get more of it?

How do I get my money to work for me?

How do I make myself attractive to money?

Your relationship with money, whether good or bad, whether fulfilling or unfulfilling, is primarily determined by what is going on beneath the surface in your non-conscious.

Here is an easy exercise to get a sense of your non-conscious relationship to money.  Once you know the status of that relationship then you can take steps to improve it.

Imagine that you are walking along a path in the park and that money is also walking in the park.

Where is money walking?  Is it even on the same path as you are on?  If it is on your path, is it walking the same direction you are?  If money is walking the same direction as you are, is there connect between you two or even some intimacy?

The Goal

Our end goal is to have you and money walking down the path together, hand in hand – close, connected and intimate.

This visual exercise is something that you want to work with over time and start to change, modify and move towards the end goal.

The Steps

#1 You have to start where you are.  If you and money are on different paths then that is where you start.  If you and money are on the same path but ignoring each other then that is where you start.

#2 Start taking small steps to change the situation.  If you and money are on different paths, invite money to come walk on your path or go walk on money’s path.  If you and money are ignoring each other, start to  surreptitiously flirt with money.

#3 Be patient, take your time, take small steps.  You wouldn’t get off your path, cross the park and get on another path to give an attractive complete stranger an exuberant bear hug.  Hopefully you would be a little bit cooler and smoother about this.  Make small changes.

As you do these things, you are building a relationship with money and a stronger connection to money.  The ripples of this can be profound.

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