This too shall pass

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This too shall pass  “This too shall pass.” These are important words to remember to help us maintain perspective and peace of mind. The low energy state we are in – this too shall pass. The slump – this too shall pass. The hurt and heart break – this too shall pass. The high energy […]

The pursuit of fun

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The pursuit of fun  “The pursuit of fun” – what do those words bring up? Many adults have some sort of story that fun is for kids and that as adults we have to be serious. Who says? And, why should we listen to them? What if it is okay to have fun, to be […]

Sub-normal is the new normal

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Sub-normal is the new normal  Remember back to when you were a kid. The sky was the limit for us. We thought just about anything was possible. What happened? There’s so much less possibility in most people’s thinking than they used to have. This reduced level, this sub-normal level, of expectation, optimism, hope, excitement, and […]

Amnesia and Enthusiasm

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Amnesia and Enthusiasm For the most part, what is needed is more amnesia about the past and more enthusiasm about the future. Much Love, Jonathan I write these Daily Doses because I know that my content does make a difference and helps people live better lives. So, if you know someone who would benefit from […]

Sprinklers and Insurance

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Sprinklers and Insurance Sprinklers and insurance – how do those two go together? A friend of a friend is an insurance guy. He also really enjoys doing lawn sprinkler work. It is like a paid hobby for him. And, the sprinkler work generates a lot of insurance business for him. So why am I sharing […]

Insight into action

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Insight into action We can have insight all day long but if we don’t put it into action. . . The more volume of action we have, the more chances we have to hit home runs. Even the great creative geniuses were a volume play. Inventor, Thomas Edison, accumulated 2,332 patents worldwide for his inventions. […]

Excited Disappointed Bored

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Excited Disappointed Bored Reluctance to get excited ~ A condition that occurs because we have had experiences of being really excited about something. Then it doesn’t happen and we end up being horribly disappointed. Then we decide that it is too risky to get excited again. If we don’t look at this too closely, it […]

Counting Axe Swings

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Counting Axe Swings It isn’t about how many times we actually swing the axe. It is about how big of a pile of fire wood we create. A dull axe doesn’t split very much wood. People often forget this and get caught up in the trap of busy-ness. They don’t make the time for self-care, […]

The Seriousness Trap

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The Seriousness Trap Baseball player David Ortiz is retiring after this season. He seems to be enjoying his farewell tour. In a recent game, he hit a single and then gave the first base man a shoulder massage. Ortiz video Now obviously I don’t know what is going on in his head but here are a […]

Anything over zero is awesome

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Anything over zero is awesome This morning I was sharing about some successes that I had yesterday (I either made progress or completely handled 4 things that I had been putting off). I immediately felt the pull to discount my success. “Yeah but, I could have done more.” That is a horrible life and success […]

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