Breaking the sound barrier of success

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Breaking the sound barrier of success  The other day a client was talking about how every time that he’s gotten really busy in his business, he’s backed off with the thought that he needed to take a break. This made me think about the pilots who were trying to break the sound barrier. When they […]


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“just”  Watch out for the word “just” in your thinking and speaking. It is an innocent enough sounding word that has tremendous power to undercut. It discounts, disempowers, trivializes, and makes us less than. Feel the difference between “it’s just me” and “it’s me”. Much Love, Jonathan Help me out please ~ if this Daily […]

What people need most

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What people need most  Mostly people just need to know that they are loved. That is something we can always provide! Much Love, Jonathan Help me out please ~ if this Daily Dose spoke to you, forward it to someone who would benefit from this message. Even better, invite them to subscribe. Help me in […]

Escaping the pull of gravity

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Escaping the pull of gravity  Here’s a great question: Did I get outside of my comfort zone today? If the answer to this question is frequently “no” then don’t expect your outcomes to improve. If the answer is “yes”, give yourself a pat on the back and then get ready to do it again tomorrow. […]

Sub-normal is the new normal

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Sub-normal is the new normal  Remember back to when you were a kid. The sky was the limit for us. We thought just about anything was possible. What happened? There’s so much less possibility in most people’s thinking than they used to have. This reduced level, this sub-normal level, of expectation, optimism, hope, excitement, and […]

Objectivity, Emotion, Kindness, and Accountability

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Objectivity, Emotion, Kindness, and Accountability   There’s an interesting interplay between the concepts of objectivity, emotion, kindness and accountability. Let’s use the example of having a goal of making 10 phone calls today and only making 6 calls. Objectivity: I made 6 calls today and my goal was 10 which means that I was 4 […]

Sometimes it is useful to put ourselves in a tough spot

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Sometimes it is useful to put ourselves in a tough spot  While skiing today, I ended up on top of a ledge that was about 4 feet tall. While I was debating the merits of skiing over the edge (I’m not a big air guy) a boy and girl in their ski team jackets stopped […]

To get out of a rut

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To get out of a rut  We are all going to get into a rut now and then – it is part of being human. However, we certainly don’t have to stay there. All it takes is one action to either get us out of the rut or to start the process of getting out […]

Amnesia and Enthusiasm

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Amnesia and Enthusiasm For the most part, what is needed is more amnesia about the past and more enthusiasm about the future. Much Love, Jonathan I write these Daily Doses because I know that my content does make a difference and helps people live better lives. So, if you know someone who would benefit from […]

Short term courage to avoid long term pain

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Short term courage to avoid long term pain How many problems have we caused ourselves by choosing short-term comfort over doing what really needed to be done? In the short term it is far easier to not have that difficult conversation, to not stand up for ourselves or ask for what we want, to not […]

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