Confusion About Pain

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 People are often so anxious to avoid short term pain that they will do whatever it takes to avoid it. However, this almost always ensures long term pain. Seldom does taking the easy way out produce the desired result. The opportunity is to flip this and embrace short term pain for long term gain. Much love, […]

Winning The Marathon

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If you think about it, a marathon is just a whole bunch of single steps strung together ~ ballpark 30,000. Each and every step by itself is no big deal. After all, it is just one little step. And, each and every step brings you that much closer to the finish line. So, each step […]

Building an Elegant Trap

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In order to better understand people, we need to understand how pain and pleasure motivate. We either move away from pain or we move towards pleasure. Moving away from pain is reactive and moving towards pleasure is proactive. Most of the time people are moving away from pain rather than moving towards what they really […]

A Change Of Opinion

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A year ago, the boy we carpool to school with told my daughter that he did not like our Halloween decorations. Sabine was devastated. She loves our decorations. This was a chance to talk with her about not taking things personally. That this was just his opinion. It wasn’t right or wrong, it was just […]

Make Hay While The Sun Shines – Fizzle or Sizzle

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A bunch of people are about to go into coast-mode because after all it is the holiday season. In their minds, it is time to take their foot off of the gas. But, there is still one quarter of 2014 left. So how do you want to finish 2014 ~ with a fizzle or a […]

Crazy Idea

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Here’s a crazy idea: What if you decided to truly believe that your life is already good and that you are already successful and that you are doing fantastically well so far – instead of beating the crap out of yourself every chance you get. What would that be like? Much love, Jonathan Know someone […]

Smart Brain Dumb Brain

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Last week my daughter had a spelling and vocabulary test. That morning she was reviewing for her test and realized that she was not as prepared as she thought she was. She got very stressed out. Tears were flowing. And, she was trying to cram the info into her head. Here’s the thing though, when […]

Happiness Is a CHOICE

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Happiness is a choice not a circumstance.   Much love, Jonathan Know someone else who would enjoy a daily dose? Here is the subscription link     The Law of Attraction Made Simple ~ over 100 5-star reviews Awesome LOA Book

The Other Gap

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We often look at our lives and judge that we have come up short. We look at where we are and where we could be or should be and we see a gap and then we get down on ourselves. So, if we are going to do this gap looking thing then it is only […]

Policies & Procedures For Life ~ A Guide To Live Boldly

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When we experience discomfort, we immediately have a choice to either shrink, retreat, and play it safe – or to expand, lean into the discomfort, and take bold action. Most people’s default setting is to shrink and retreat. This is not the way to create the life of your dreams and get what you want! […]

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