You Are Not Your Inner Voice

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You Are Not Your Inner Voice


You are not your inner voice! You are the person who can hear the inner voice. So often we forget this and we lose the perspective of witness consciousness. Then we think that all that nonsense that is going on inside our head is actually who we are.

Spend a little time really listening to the inner voice and you will quickly discover that he or she is completely batty.

Crazy Eddie (my name for him – and apologies to anyone named Ed) can support totally opposite view points in a matter of seconds – “This is totally working.” “Oh my gosh this will never work, I’m doomed.” The contradictions don’t faze him in the slightest.

Crazy Eddie talks about stuff I could care less about and almost always engages in an inane running commentary. “I wonder if it will rain tonight? I don’t want it to rain tonight. I love it when the gutters turn into little rivers. What should I have for dinner? Should I eat before or after volleyball? I’m hungry but I play better when my stomach is not full. If it rains I cannot play volleyball. I really want to play. I hope it doesn’t rain. Look at her! Crap I still need to get my oil changed. Hey look a squirrel . . . and on and on and on.

Crazy Eddie loves to find things that are a problem and then talk about it over and over. “I cannot believe he did that! What is his problem? I cannot believe he treated me that way. Really!” over and over and over and over and over.

Your Crazy Eddie voice is not you. And you certainly do not have to believe what he says. You do not need to take his negative comments personally. He is not the mouthpiece of God, a speaker of the truth. Rather, he is a neurotic loon making crap up and that’s how much weight you should give to his judgments and opinions.

Just listen to him talk and say, “Isn’t that interesting”. Don’t engage just witness.

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