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Years ago I taught the What If Technique to my friend, Chris. He has since taught it to thousands of people.

He told me what recently happened to him at a retreat in Hawaii.

Chris was sitting by the pool when this guy came up to him and said, “You changed my life!” and demanded a hug.

He had heard Chris speak about the What If Technique and he had put it into play. He ended up increasing his income 5x over 10 months by using What If to open himself up to greater possibility.

He told Chris how he really embraced What If. His wife kept wanting to limit what was possible by reviewing what they had done in the past and figuring that was the limit of what was possible. He just kept saying, “what if we can do better!” She kept asking, “How?” He kept replying that he didn’t know how but what if???

What If moves us into a really positive feeling state and a certainty/trust that makes us highly magnetic to our good.

We can use “what if” to counter any lousy or limiting thinking. What if I can achieve my goals! What if I can double my income! What if I can have my best month ever! What if it is easy to find clients and team members! What if I do deserve to succeed! What if I do have value to offer! What if I do get paid like a big deal! What if there are lots of people looking for what I have! And on and on.

If we were to observe a brain hooked up to thermal imaging, we would see that “what if” turns on and off different parts of the brain. It turns off the primitive fear based part of our brain that has us in fight or flight and it turns on the most evolved part of our brain, the neocortex and prefrontal cortex. These parts of our brain are about expansion and possibility.

Fight or flight and impossible produce very different results from “it is possible”.

A steady diet of “what ifs” will make a huge impact on your life!

Don’t be fooled by how easy and simple What If is to use. It packs a wallop.

More on What If at what if video

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