The U-Turn: Fast food or spinach salad

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I imagine you know the importance of focusing on what you want. However, if you are like most of us, you often find yourself focusing on what you do not want. In effect, this has you headed the wrong direction.

Most people are really good at focusing on what they do not want. Test this out for yourself. Ask several people what they want and then listen. Very soon they will likely be talking about what they do not want.

The other day I asked a client what she wanted for her business. Within three sentences she was talking about what she did not want. She did not want to worry about cash flow. She did not want to worry about the business succeeding. She did not want to feel like she always had to be working.

She was focusing on what she did not want rather than on what she did want. This creates a problem because what you focus on expands.

The basic tenet of the Law of Attraction is: You attract into your life whatever you give your attention, focus and energy to. This is true whether you are focusing on the wanted or the unwanted.

Knowing what you do not want is not a bad thing. In fact, it can be tremendously useful. However, it is a bad place to stop.

If I am clear that I do not want fast food for lunch, then I need to take the next step and figure out what I do want. If I stop with, "I do not want fast food", there is no forward action. There is no possibility. There is no satisfying lunch in my future. I am stuck.

The trick to moving forward is to use the words "I do not want" as a reminder to ask yourself “What do I want?"

“I do not want fast food.” Well then, “What do I want?” Hmmmm, “I want something healthy, I want a spinach salad.”

In this example, I discovered what I want and now I can get it.

When you do this, you are making The U-turn .

You want The U-turn to become automatic so that as soon as you hear yourself say, "I do not want" you immediately ask yourself, "Well then, what do I want?"

The more often you make The U-turn , the better your life becomes!

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