The End of Suffering

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The End of Suffering

Imagine if our bodies were as sensitive as our psyches – someone lightly touches us and we experience debilitating pain that lasts for days. That would be horrible.

Unfortunately, our psyches are that way. Somebody slights us and we hurt for hours or even days or even years. Somebody looks at us funny and we experience agony. Etc. It is horrible!

This happens because we forget that we are not our thoughts.

Who we really are is far deeper than our thoughts. The part of us that can step back and observe our thoughts is far deeper than our thoughts.

Ending suffering is a straightforward as remembering that there is this part of us that can observe our thinking. “Oh, my thoughts are telling me that I should feel horribly hurt right now.” As soon as I do that, I am no longer compelled to feel horribly hurt. I can just watch that thought pass by without believing it or engaging with it. I can stay centered rather than blown topsy turvy by the thought of the moment.

Our psyches are so fragile because they are dominated by thoughts of fear – fear that I am not loved or lovable, fear that I don’t belong, fear that I’m not enough (and then all the other fears that will prove that these foundational fears are true – making a mistake, not looking good, fear of rejection etc.)

So as long as we think that we are our thoughts and our thoughts are dominated by fear, we are guaranteed suffering and a lot of it.

Simply taking that step back and observing our thoughts takes us out of all that craziness. We don’t need to combat the thoughts, suppress them, search for counter examples, or anything else like that. All we need to do is watch the thought pass through. And, when we do not interact with the thought, when we do not believe the thought, it will quickly pass through. Meanwhile we will remain centered, calm, and happy.

Of course, this takes practice. In fact, it is the work of a life time.

Much Love,

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