Poor Communication at the DMV

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I went to the DMV yesterday to get my license plate tags. I walked in through the same door that I have many times before. One of the clerks said, “You came in through the wrong door. You need to go out that door and enter through the other door.”

I’m thinking that she’s not even talking to me because she’s not really making any sense and I’m looking for the take a number dispenser that used to be by the door.

She repeats herself and it becomes obvious that she is talking to me. I confusedly stare at her and she repeats herself yet one more time.

So, I go out the door, cross the 10 foot long foyer and enter through the other door. Now I see why she wanted me to enter through this door. There was an automated kiosk where I entered my zip and the reason why I was at the DMV and then it gave me my number.

This got me to thinking about communication. How much easier would that have been for me and for her nerves if she took 5 extra seconds to explain why? “Excuse me sir, please enter through the other door because there is an automated kiosk there to start the process.” I would have gladly gone and she would have only had to talk to me once.

Nobody likes to be ordered around – especially if the orders don’t seem to make any sense or have any context.

Then I thought about how I do this sometimes with my family. I imagine things would go smoother if I took a few extra seconds and invited them to be part of the process and shared the bigger picture of what we are trying to accomplish.

That little bit of extra time spent explaining more than pays for itself in tasks getting accomplished faster, with far better attitudes, and with more team work.

Looks like I’ve got a new strategy to practice. And you?

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photo credit: Take a Number, Take a Tab machine Price Chopper Deli, pics by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia on YouTube. #TakeANumber #TakeATab #TakeANumberMachine via photopin (license)

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