Not Everyone Needs to Like You

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My book, The Law of Attraction Made Simple, has a lot of fantastic reviews on Amazon ~ “Very simply, THE BEST law Of Attraction book ever written.” “This book is life changing! I can’t put it down.” “Best book I’ve ever read on LOA.” ”Best book on Law of Attraction I’ve ever read.” Etc. A lot of people really like the book.

I also have a couple of unfavorable reviews ~ “I didn’t get fun at all from reading this book. So, if you want to start you should think two times about it. Reading this book I thought that the author haven’t tried to write something interesting and cognitive at all. Just wrote because he needs money…” Roman “romadov” on August 27, 2012

Now I could get defensive and say that Romadov is an idiot. But, can I call him that and keep my heart open? Not a chance. (Really loving ourselves is remembering that nothing ever is worth closing our hearts over.)

Do I believe that I am welcome to have my own opinions? Absolutely! Well then, I need to extend the same courtesy to him. (Rejection is just an opinion.)

Even though I cannot fathom how he reached that conclusion, he is not bad or wrong. He is simply “not my people” and that is okay.

He has a right to his opinion and I have the right to not take it personally and even to find it amusing.

Our job is to go find “our people” and not to worry about those who aren’t.

Or as Scott Stratten said in UnMarketing, “Don’t try to win over the haters; you’re not the jackass whisperer.” (Now the key is to say that and laugh and keep your heart open rather than being defensive. – They are just not my people.)

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I write these Daily Doses because I know that my content does make a difference and helps people live better lives. So, if you know someone who would benefit from today’s thoughts, please pass this on. Thanks and gratitude in advance! 

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