Needs More Salt

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Needs More Salt

A couple of weeks ago I made a pot chicken soup. During the cooking process, I tasted the soup several times. The tastings told me that I needed to add more salt and more seasoning. I ended up doing this several times.

The tastings served as feedback that something needed to be adjusted and so I made the adjustments.

I did not turn this into a drama by thinking thoughts like: The soup doesn’t taste right, therefore I must not be enough. I’m a loser. Maybe I should just quit and get takeout. Maybe I’m not meant to cook. . .

No drama, just feedback and adjustments that allowed me to achieve my goal – a delicious pot of home-made chicken soup.

What if we approached the rest of life this way – no drama, just feedback and adjustments?

For example: Say that we are having a hard time making phone calls. This is simply feedback that we have some sort of limiting lousy belief about making calls. We can skip the drama and simply upgrade the story.

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