Monsignors Dewey Cheetem & Howe

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Monsignors Dewey Cheetem & Howe

Let’s hop in our time machine and travel back to the middle ages where we will meet some very slick con men who disguised themselves as priests.

These bad boys hit upon an awesome scam – let’s misquote the Bible and in so doing convince people of 3 things: 1) that money is evil and they would be better off without it 2) that it is far better to be poor here on earth and then you will receive your reward in heaven and 3) that heaven can be bought with cash.

These guys made a fortune by getting people to give them their money and voluntarily enter poverty for the promise of a future reward. And, here we are all these years later with the legacy of their lies still present in our culture today.

Money is not evil nor is it the root of all evil. Making money into a god is what the message warns us against. Money itself is a tool and is neutral. It can be used for good or for bad. If I tried to tell you that some other tool is evil (hammers are the root of all evil), I’d sound like a complete wackadoodle. But if I talk about money being evil, people will listen.

Being poor doesn’t earn any heavenly reward nor does being wealthy create any impediment. That’s just total crap! It is about the individual’s walk with God. There are tons of scripture that states that God wants us to be wealthy and wants to bless us.

So if you hear someone trying to sell you on these old tired lies, don’t listen unless you too want to be conned. Even better, run them out of town.

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photo credit: Dewey, Cheetham, and Howe via photopin (license)

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