Make Yourself Irresistible To What You Want

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So much has been written about how to get what you want and about how to use the law of attraction. And yet, so often we struggle (or even fail) to get what we want?

What’s up with that?

Although there are a large number of things that could be causing this, chances are good that whatever it is falls under the umbrella of “not making yourself irresistible to what you want”. Plain and simple, when we do make ourselves irresistible to what we want, we will have it!

So, how do you make yourself irresistible to what you want?

Glad you asked! There are a few simple (to understand, not necessarily to do) steps to this process.

1) Clarity of focus. Be clear about what you want (not how you are going to get it) and think about it with intention.

2) Purity of feeling. Bring heightened positive emotions to what you want. Feel love, joy, gratitude, appreciation etc about having what you want.

The creation process takes both heightened emotions (heart) and clear objectives (head) working together in alignment to produce the desired result. So often this is not the case.

3) Then this head and heart combo needs to be impressed into our non-conscious until it becomes a rock solid certainty. Visualization is an excellent tool for doing this (and there are many more).

This certainty can be there after 1 impression and it could not be there after 100 impressions if we have doubt, fears, limitations, or other head trash around this.

You will know that you have that certainty when you compare your new upgraded belief about getting what you want with a universal truth like: the earth is round, your gender, where you live, or something like that, and they feel the same!

When “The earth is round” and “I am an international speaker” have the same degree of rock solid certainty, I will be speaking internationally. Until they do, this will remain an unfulfilled desire.

4) Explore consciousness! Figure out what doubt, fears, limitations, or other head trash stand between you and that certainty. Then let go of them and turn your thoughts and feelings back to what you do want!

When you do this, you become irresistible to what you want.

photo credit: Łukasz Strachanowski via photopin cc

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