Let the tailgater pass

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Let the tailgater pass

Imagine that you are driving on a winding two-lane road through the mountains. You are in no hurry to get anywhere and are just enjoying the drive and the beautiful scenery.

Then, a car catches up to you and starts tailgating you.

You now have 4 options:

1)      Stay in front – but you will be tense, stressed, and you will need to keep watching your rear view mirror. You certainly won’t be enjoying the drive anymore.

2)      Slow down just to annoy the tailgater – but again, your attention is no longer on the scenery. It is dominated by the tailgater.

3)      Pull over and let the tailgater pass and then start tailgating him or her to return the favor – but again, your attention is no longer on the scenery. It is dominated by the tailgater.

4)      Pull over and let the tailgater pass. Take a deep breath and just let him or her drive out of your site around the next bend. Then resume your enjoyable drive.

Option 4 is the only one that serves you.

We can use this same strategy when a negative thought or emotion shows up. We do not have to engage with it. We can just pull over to the side, take a deep breath, and let it pass on by.

Try this strategy and see what happens.

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