Happiness Strategies for You with Your Significant Other ~ By Happiness Expert Erica M Nelson

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One of the common themes among women I coach is “I’m doing well with joy in my life, but how can I get my husband (or boyfriend) to feel the same way?”

Or perhaps you notice that the person you love doesn’t understand your desire to change, grow, and blossom.

Within you, begin to observe the aspects of yourself that feel good, expansive, cheerful, energetic, and aware of how amazing the entire universe can be.

Then observe the aspects of yourself that doubts, throws water on flames, thinks small, cannot believe without seeing proof, crushes, and otherwise criticizes all that could be born in your life with nourishment and encouragement.

These aspects of self are sometimes talked about as “higher self” and “ego,” or personality.

As you shift into the more expansive areas of yourself, you may find your actions lighting up the “ego” or personality of your significant other. Until change is complete with fabulous results, the other people in your life (these can be spouses or parents or children) may bring back the ego or personality fears in hopes you come to your senses and stop changing. Change can be fearful to people in your life.

The good news is that you can ease this fear of change in several ways. I use these strategies:

*Recognize what is good or beautiful in others. Comment upon this. See what is good in your partner, and remember what you love about them in a conscious way.

*Hold your dream for your new reality firm. Do not allow others to dash your dreams when they are fledgling. Allow your dreams some room to grow before sharing with those who are stuck more in “ego” than in “expansive” consciousness.

*Name the fear and see if you can answer to it.

Here is a specific example of a friend who was about to go to Europe, and her relationship with her aging mother, who was fearful of this trip. The friend kept talking about the trip, and how excited she was. This lit up the mom to no end, and caused a lapse into the hospital. I talked with my friend and we discussed the conversation with mom to focus on the return, instead of on the trip. As soon as she started talking about “when I get back, I have tickets for a play we can attend,” and “when I return, we can plan Christmas,” and those kinds of things, the parent’s fears subsided and my friend was able to take a safe trip with mom at home in relative calm.

You may not be aware how your changes are influencing those you love. Address fears, and help the people in your life understand that when you become your most amazing you the world benefits. And don’t forget to go into intuition to support and nurture the personal growth of your friends or spouse.

Here is inspiration for you from my new book, Happiness Quotations: Gentle Reminders of Your Preciousness that may help:

Happiness Quotations #66

Listen to your Intuition

In the quiet moment, guidance emerges. When you honor your intuition, you strengthen the voice within that is never wrong. It’s a beautiful thing. Happiness emerges. Listen today, for the voice.

Intuition gets stronger when it is honored. The voice inside that is connected to the universe may have information or helpful insight to share. It might be tiny! Stay home a few more minutes. Did you forget something? When the voice is speaking inside, the intuitive aspect of yourself, your gift is to listen. This strengthens the “muscle” and helps make it possible for you to receive more information, and clearer messages. Everyone can do this. The closer you stay on this path, the more you will experience synchronistic events that bring you closer to all of your dreams. It’s easy!

When you are staying true to your intuition, you can get along with almost anyone. Listen to that inner voice of guidance, and observe how you are supporting the same within the people around you.

Erica Nelson is the author of the new book “Happiness Quotations: Gentle Reminders of Your Preciousness,” launching May 4, 2011 at www.HappinessQuotations.com. Her Facebook page www.Facebook.com/HappinessQuotations has more than 4,500 fans for the daily quotations.



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