For goodness sake ~ say something nice to yourself

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What I am writing about is probably something you have heard about many times before. And, a little reminder can be very useful.

You cannot help but have self-talk. It is part of being a human being. Unfortunately, the vast majority of our self-talk is negative.

This negative self-talk is nothing more than a habit. We have learned how to do this from everyone around us.

The problem with the negative self-talk is that there is a part of us, our non-conscious, that believes everything it hears.

So whether I say to myself, “I am an idiot” or “I am a genius”, there is a part of me that believes this to be true.

Furthermore this then creates certain responses and feelings in me. Obviously one of these will make me feel better than the other.

Now the thing about habits is that they can be changed. What if you got into the habit of saying nice things about yourself? What if you got into the habit of catching the negative self-talk and immediately following it up with some positive self-talk?

Try it for a day! Today make a point of saying nice things to yourself throughout the day. This might feel strange or uncomfortable. Do it any way.

Try these on for starters:

* I am a genius!
* I am wonderful!
* I am a good person!
* I deserve to succeed!
* I am worth $500/ hour!
* I am happy!

When we make a mistake, we tend to follow it up with some negative self-talk. “I forgot to return my library books, now I have a late fee. I am such an idiot!!!”

What if instead you said, “I forgot to return my library books but at least I am an amazing human being.”

This produces a very different experience of you. One that is much more enjoyable and beneficial. Remember, there is a part of you that believes whatever you say.

My friend, Alecia Huck, passes out buttons that say, “At least I’M HOT”.

Try that. “I didn’t convert this prospect into a customer but at least I’m hot!”

Take me up on this challenge. Talk nice to yourself today. If you like it, do it again tomorrow. Why not, you are hot and you deserve it!

Intending great joy and success for you,

Jonathan Manske

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