Excited Disappointed Bored

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Excited Disappointed Bored

Reluctance to get excited ~ A condition that occurs because we have had experiences of being really excited about something. Then it doesn’t happen and we end up being horribly disappointed. Then we decide that it is too risky to get excited again.

If we don’t look at this too closely, it makes sense. But a closer examination shows that this is a defective strategy.

Imagine going to an amusement park where all the rides are flat and move very slow. I certainly wouldn’t go there. What’s the point? If there isn’t excitement in our lives, we end up boring ourselves to death.

Sure there is the risk of being disappointed when we get excited but the alternative is a super boring life.

Alfred Lord Tennyson said, “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” We can paraphrase that to: Tis better to have been excited and then disappointed than never to have been excited at all.

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