Emotional Flat Tire

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Emotional Flat Tire

This has happened to you.  It has happened to everyone.  Something happens in your life and “bamm” you are emotionally as flat as a pancake.

Your joy, vitality, enthusiasm, and get-up-and-go have all vanished.  You are stuck in the blahs, completely uninspired and don’t want to do anything.

You have experienced an emotional flat tire.  It’s hard to keep moving forward when you have a flat tire.

The technique I’m going to share here will allow you to get that emotional flat tire patched up and you back on the road moving forward.

In order to utilize this technique, you need to know about two things:  the human energy body and how to fix a flat bicycle tire.

#1  From an energy viewpoint, a person has five concentric layers (see illustration).

energy body

#2  If you have ever ridden your bike through stickers, you know what happens.  A thorn punctures your inner tube and all the air goes out of your tire.  You then need to take off the tire, remove the inner tube, find the puncture hole and patch it.  Then you need to reinstall the inner tube and tire and then pump up your tire.  Now you can ride again.

Imagine that the emotional level of your energy field is like that inner tube.  It can get punctured and when that happens you end up emotionally flat.  Instead of thorns, it can get punctured by words, by thoughts or by experiences.

Here’s what you do when that happens:

#1  Using your intent, intend that you are removing the thorn(s) and patching the hole.**  Use “love” as your glue to seal/repair the holes.

#2  Spend some time remembering happy, joyful, playful times in order to reinflate the emotional layer.

#3  Get back on your bike and start moving forward again.

#4  Repeat when necessary.

**You do not need to know what the “thorn” is or how it got there in order to remove it.  All you need to do is intend to remove it.

If I’m riding my bike and discover that I have a flat tire and see a thorn sticking out of my tire does it really matter if I know where or how I got the thorn?  Does knowing that at exactly 12 minutes and 23 seconds into my ride I ran over a purple leaf tiredeflaterus that was in full bloom make any difference at all to the fact that I have a flat tire.  No!  The work in front of me is to repair the tire and get back to riding whether or not I know how it happened.

Where knowing does become valuable is in assisting you to prevent this from happening again.  If I now know that this field is full of thorns, I won’t ride here again or I’ll pay more attention and make sure that I stay on the path.

If we know how we got emotionally deflated then we can take steps to prevent that from happening again.

Wishing you great joy and success,

Jonathan Manske

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