Don’t always trust your feelings

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There are definitely times we shouldn’t trust our feelings or our thoughts.

I got rear ended today on the way to pick my daughter up from school. (I’m okay.)

Once I got home and was able to just sit still for a minute, I immediately felt a huge wave of sadness.

If I hadn’t been paying attention, I would have made up a story about why I was sad. And, chances are good that my made up story would somehow have my wife to blame for my sadness. This would then cause some negative ripples in our relationship.

But since I was paying attention, I realized that the trauma to my body triggered the sadness (my body was not happy) and I didn’t need to look around for something out there to blame for my sadness.

Last week I talked with a client who was feeling unenthusiastic and uninspired about her business. But, she was just very tired. Whenever we are tired or ill, our thoughts and feelings tend to take a turn for the negative.

We know this with kids. When they are grumpy and out of sorts, we know that they are just tired. But, we forget to apply this bit of wisdom to ourselves.

If we are tired, ill, or have something going on with our bodies, we should be very careful about believing our thoughts and feeling if they take a downturn. Resist the temptation to create a story about the feeling. Instead just allow the feeling to be and know that “this too shall pass” because it always does.

Much Love,

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