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There is a house in our neighborhood that goes all out when it comes to Christmas decorating.  My daughter calls it the Angel House because there is a swaying chorus of angels on the garage roof.  She loves to drive by the Angel House!

Every year they add something new.  This year it was two snowmen on a teeter-tauter.  Last year it was the Ferris wheel.

This year their neighbor added something new, a big sign in their front yard that says “ditto”.

The Angel House has a nativity scene,angel choir, ferris wheel, ski lift, train, bobsled track, santa and sleigh, merry-go-round, santa and sleigh flying in circles around a big barber pole, snowmen on a teeter-tauter, and …


Depending on your point of view, “ditto” might have worked in this situation.  It could be a humorous admission that “I am not trying to keep up with the Joneses”.

However in general, “ditto” is a poor life and business strategy.

You are not a ditto of somebody else.  You are a unique wonderful human being.  Trying to be someone or something you are not does not serve you or the world.  Satisfaction and fulfillment can never be found this way.  This is not the path to true success.

“Me too” is not very attractive or magnetic.  My friend Chuck Blakeman, is very fond of saying that the last words of a dying business are “me too”.E.E. Cummings wrote, “to be nobody but yourself when the world is trying its best night and day to make you somebody else is to fight the hardest battle any human being will fight.”

I invite you to fight this fight and  to embrace your uniqueness and strengths.

May your year be tremendously blessed and successful!

Intending great joy and success for you in all you do!

Jonathan Manske

vI laughed so hard I almost crashed my car the first time I saw that sign.

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