Check Writing Resistance

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Check Writing Resistance

As you might have noticed, our society is insane around the topic of money right now.

Predictions of gloom and doom are rampant.  Scarcity and lack are the mindset of the day.  Hoarding and imaging worst case scenarios are popular new hobbies.

Here’s a common business owner scenario:  “Okay, I’m not going to spend any money for anything!!! ~ but I sure hope lots of people continue to buy from me.”  Does that seem perhaps a tad bit illogical?

People are forgetting an important universal law ~ “What you focus on is what you get, whether it is what you want or what you do not want.”

Get off the terror train. Just because all the lemmings are running for the edge of the cliff does not mean it is the right thing to do!

Start focusing on what you want.  Stop engaging in talk about how bad business is, about how bad the economy is.  Just stop!

More millionaires were created during the great depression than at any other time in our history.  Opportunities abound right now but you will never see them if you are focused on what is wrong.

OK enough of my rant and back to my topic:

Check Writing Reluctance

The other day I was talking with a client and he mentioned how reluctant his potential clients were to writing a check.  They were very interested in his service but somehow it was hard to write that check.

It hit me.  Well of course it is hard to write a check these days.  Mass consciousness is squarely stuck in scarcity and fear.  Then I realized that I had check writing reluctance too.  I’d been dragging my feet about paying my bills.  I’d pay them at the last possible moment.  I didn’t want to write that check.  I’d been infected by mass consciousness.

The good news is there is something you can do about this insanity in mass consciousness.  You can create a safe haven where people can step out of the storm for a bit and catch their breath, catch their perspective.

Here’s how you do this:

1)  Both visualize and intend that the person you are interacting with is inside a bubble.  (I make the bubble pink because pink brings in heart energy.  And, if it feels appropriate to use another colour, do so.)
2)  Intend that the surface of the bubble is selective.  It lets in good energy and thoughts and keeps out the negative.
3)  Intend that the negative already inside the bubble is dissolved by the pink light.
4)  That is it!  Now give them space to make their decision.

What you have done there is you have created a buffer, a quiet space where that person can make a decision that is the right one for them without the pressure of mass consciousness.  Whether they buy from you or not, you have given them a valuable gift (a respite from the insanity of mass consciousness).

Although very simple, this technique is very powerful.  I have seen it literally change lives.

Wishing you great joy and success,

Jonathan Manske

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