Slingshotting the voices of negativity

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Slingshotting the voices of negativity  
In outer space movies, they slingshot (definition below) the planet to create greater velocity.
We can slingshot the voices of negativity to create greater velocity.
How do we do this?
#1 turn up our awareness so that we notice the voices of negativity
#2 remember that those voices are complete crap. All those voice can do is tell lies. That is their sole function – they lie! So, there is no need to actually listen to the liars.
#3 use the negative voice as a stimulus to unleash an avalanche of useful thinking
#4 repeat every single time you are aware of a negative voice
Here are a couple of examples of how that might happen:
Thought – this is too hard. Then: What if I’m ready. What if I can do this. What if it can be easy. What if I’m far more capable than I’m currently giving myself credit for. Remember previous wins – I did it then, so I can do it now. Tap and Smile (see link below) and so on . . .
Judgment – that guy is a jerk. Then: Hmm, it is not about me, maybe he’s having a bad day. I’m going to send him some love. I’ll pray for him. I’m choosing to let this go and keep my heart open. How might I be able to make his day better? Turn my attention to gratitude and so on . . .
Using this strategy, the negatives quickly become the stairs we climb to greater peace, greater happiness, and greater success.
Tap and Smile: and click videos tab
“Slingshotting is a practice where a pilot uses the gravity well, also known as the gravitational field or pull, of an astronomical body to get a boost in velocity. This is done by closely skimming a sufficiently large gravity well, essentially beginning to “fall” into the well, but staying just far enough to avoid being captured by said well. A portion of this velocity is retained from this “falling” upon exiting the gravity well. The phenomena is more formally known as a gravitational-assist.”
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photo credit: Rod Waddington Slingshot Toy, Anuak, Ethiopia via photopin (license)

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