A Check From God?

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A check from God?

Have you ever received a check signed by God? Me neither. They always seem to have someone else’s signature on them.

So often people are open to receive but not open to be contributed to by others. If it is not okay for others to contribute then the avenue for receiving is blocked.

We have head trash about what it means to be contributed to – things like: not worthy, don’t want to bother others, receiving assistance proves that I’m not enough on my own, etc. ~ all a bunch of nasty lies we tell ourselves.

When this happens, we forget that contribution can be a perfect circle. You contribute to me which brings good into my life. And, when I graciously receive your contribution, I am immediately contributing back to you. You get to feel good about yourself and your act of kindness, support, friendship etc. This brings good into your life. – The perfect circle!

When I coach a client, I contribute to them. When they pay me, they contribute to me. It is a win win and a perfect circle! Good business and good sales are always about an exchange of contribution.

It is okay for others to contribute to you!!! In fact, it is a spectacular thing indeed!!!

Remember, God uses other people’s check books to pay you!

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