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Loved  What would be the impact of truly getting that you are loved – fully, unconditionally, beautifully? You are! Much Love, Jonathan Help me out please ~ if this Daily Dose spoke to you, forward it to someone who would benefit from this message. Even better, invite them to subscribe. Help me in my mission […]

Thinking about action

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Thinking about action  When we are sitting around thinking about being in action, then Providence is thinking about possibly sending us some assistance too. When we are in action, then Providence moves too. Much Love, Jonathan Help me out please ~ if this Daily Dose spoke to you, forward it to someone who would benefit […]

Money and guilt and inaccurate thinking

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Money and guilt and inaccurate thinking  In our world, there’s a lot of guilt associated with money. Most, if not all, of this is based on inaccurate thinking. The thinking goes that the more I have the less someone else has. This creates a dilemma. Either I can be a good guy or I can […]

Throwing ice cubes into the ocean

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Throwing ice cubes into the ocean  A couple of weeks ago, we were snorkeling in the Caribbean. If someone had thrown ice cubes into the delightful warm water around me, it wouldn’t have mattered. The volume of warm water was infinitely more than the volume of a few ice cubes. The impact of those ice […]

Cave Tubing Wisdom

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Cave Tubing Wisdom We went cave tubing (floating on a river that runs underneath a mountain) in Belize. The crystal-clear water in this beautiful river comes from springs. So, day in and day out this river is full of water that just comes out of the ground. Somehow this got me thinking about having a […]

Insight into action

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Insight into action We can have insight all day long but if we don’t put it into action. . . The more volume of action we have, the more chances we have to hit home runs. Even the great creative geniuses were a volume play. Inventor, Thomas Edison, accumulated 2,332 patents worldwide for his inventions. […]


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Independence Many years ago, the Colonies didn’t like the rules of the British Empire. So they fought for their freedom and today we celebrate that independence. What old, out dated, and oppressive internal rules would you like to be free from? ~ Scarcity, I’m not enough, and other limiting beliefs. And take that one step […]

Anything over zero is awesome

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Anything over zero is awesome This morning I was sharing about some successes that I had yesterday (I either made progress or completely handled 4 things that I had been putting off). I immediately felt the pull to discount my success. “Yeah but, I could have done more.” That is a horrible life and success […]

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Either / Or Thinking I’ve run into either/or thinking quite a bit lately. Either I can have this or that but certainly not both. For example: I can build my business or have a great marriage and family life. Who says that you cannot have both? Whoever it is, they are lying. But this possibility […]

The Terrible Horrible Lie of Scarcity

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The Terrible Horrible Lie of Scarcity There is such a horrible lie of scarcity in our culture and in our world that does so much damage! The lie goes something like this: there’s only a limited amount so the more that I have, the less there is for others. This puts us into the bind […]

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