Winning minds by winning hearts

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Winning minds by winning hearts 
It seems to me that the most effective ways to win people’s minds is to first win their hearts. We can do that by helping them, caring for them, and treating them with kindness.
There’s a great story in one of my favorite books, The Happiest Man in the World by Dr. James W. Jackson, about his trips to North Korea. He was allowed to go to a place (North Korea) that Americans couldn’t go because he came to offer hope and assistance.
On one memorable occasion, the Minister of Health asked him point blank, “What is it that you want?” He wanted to know why Dr Jackson was bringing much needed medical supplies to North Korea. Dr Jackson replied, “I want nothing in return from you for any good thing that I ever do for you. I have given these medical supplies to you and your people because I love you, and I will never ask anything from you in return.”
The Minister of Health then did something completely out of compliance with Korean cultural norms. He gave Dr Jackson a big hug in public and said, “All my life I was trained to hate you, and even kill you. But you are my brother! I love you!”
Kindness, compassion, and love opened doors and opened minds.

What areas in our lives would we be better served by using more kindness and less logic?

p.s. Dr Jackson and the Power of Story

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photo credit: 藍川芥 aikawake Girl | Pure Heart via photopin (license)

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