Trying too hard

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Trying too hard 
Whenever my setting in volleyball gets inaccurate, it is most likely that I’m trying too hard to give my partner the perfect set so that he can crush it.
I just need to breathe, relax, have fun, and get my mind out of the way so that my body can do what it knows how to do. Then my setting gets better.
From the little bit of golf that I’ve played, I know that muscling up and trying to blast the ball into the next time zone guarantees a ball that barely goes anywhere.
I need to breathe, relax, and let the club do the work. Then the ball goes farther. However, this is kind of counter intuitive – What, I need to swing with less muscle to have the ball go farther???
Athletics is not the only area of our lives where we can try too hard. For example, people are often trying too hard to get new business. This can easily create pressure which makes our brains work less effectively and has us be less magnetic to our good. It also takes us out of trust and into trying to control things that we cannot possibly control which creates anxiety, stress, and frustration.
Again, we need to breathe, relax, have fun and trust.
Are there any areas in your life where you are trying too hard? What would happen if you stopped to breathe, relax, and started to have fun with it?
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photo credit: watts_photos 2017 ECSC East Coast Surfing Championships Virginia Beach womens volleyball via photopin (license)

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