The result not the how, the outcome not the details, the destination not the path

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The result not the how, the outcome not the details, the destination not the path

The result not the how, the outcome not the details, the destination not the path

The other day my daughters and I planned to spend the afternoon together having an adventure. We decided to go to Epic Sky Trek and play on the ropes course.

After just a couple of challenge elements, they spotted lightning in the distance and closed it down.
So much for our plans. Instead we went and got a bite to eat and then just goofed around.
So, how did our afternoon go? Well that depends on perspective.
From a plans and details perspective, it did not go the way we wanted. We did not get to do what we wanted to do. We could even call it a failure.
However, from a deeper perspective, we had a great afternoon. The ultimate intention for the afternoon was for us to have some fun together and enjoy each other’s company. At that, we succeeded fabulously. The ropes course was just a “how”, one way out of thousands that we could achieve our objective. The details changed but the ultimate intention stayed the same.

Whenever we lose sight of the deeper purpose, the deeper intention, and get caught up in the one and only way, the one path, we miss out on life.

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