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Many people would like to be more confident.
From my experience and observation nothing builds confidence more than recognizing what we did or the result we produced.
Saying, “I did that!” is incredibly affirming, nourishing and, builds both capacity and confidence.
However, most of us have been taught some nonsense about “don’t toot your own horn”. This well-meaning advice misses the mark and instead does damage. Imagine going to a concert where no one is willing to toot their horn – not much of a concert.
The upgrade is “toot your own horn in an appropriate way.” Own your results, skills, gifts, and strength in a way that unconsciously gives others permission to do the same.
If we are coming from “hey everybody, look how special I am”, trying to belong, or prove that we are okay, or impress people, or demonstrate our superiority – that’s ugly and that comes from our insecurities.
If we come from “yes, I did this” and I know that you are capable, and amazing, and special too – that’s when we give others permission to embrace their own amazing.
So, embrace and celebrate what you did and the results you produced. Your confidence will grow by leaps and bounds.
Want some help with this? My friend, Mattison Grey, has created The Acknowledgment Hotline every Friday from 3-4pm eastern time.
You can call in and get the affirmation and nourishment that builds confidence from an acknowledgment expert. The process will probably be new, different, and unfamiliar – and it works!!!
Call in information:
Dial in # +1 712-832-8321
Participant Access Code: 143 2672
no charge, no selling, just service
Spend 15 seconds or 15 minutes on the line, it’s up to you.
Much Love,

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