Scariest haunted house ever

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Scariest haunted house ever  scariest haunted house ever
The scariest haunted house ever would just be a bunch of mirrors that would reflect our need for approval in all the different areas in our lives. Then it would show us just how much this is costing us – whether that be in dollars, peace of mind, momentum, quality of relationships, etc.
People would exit that haunted house weeping. Our need for approval is a scary thing indeed and a costly thing indeed.
I got a great reminder that I still have work to do on this last Thursday during my volleyball league.
When I hurt my shoulder a few years ago, I was forced to alter my swing and now I have a non-traditional swing that has me get on top of the ball and hit it down shorter but not as hard.
So, Thursday I had several kills in this manner and the other team started whining about me throwing the ball (and not just a little bit).
When we crossed under the net for handshakes between games, 4 people from the other team said to me, “nice throw” – referring to my kill for game point in the previous game.
I got defensive because it wasn’t a throw. I know what it feels like when the ball stays on my hand. It didn’t. And I’m an honest player. I call my own stuff and help the ref.
Why did I get defensive? My need for approval. They were expressing disapproval towards me and I reacted.
The ref didn’t think it was a throw. The scoreboard didn’t think it was a throw. I knew that it wasn’t a throw. So, what did I need to defend? – apparently my need to be liked and my need to be approved of.
Start to pay attention to this and you’ll see your need for approval popping up all over the place.
And the cure for this is to get better at loving, accepting, and approving of ourselves exactly as we are.

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photo credit: Cheating Myself via photopin (license)

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