Rise up or give up (part 2 of bungee cords and ladders)

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Rise up or give up (part 2 of bungee cords and ladders) 
Yesterday’s Dose talked about how limiting beliefs, poor self-image, and other head trash act like bungee cords attached to our waist as we try and climb the ladder of success. As we try and climb, we keep getting pulled back down off the ladder and it often hurts when we hit the ground.
One of my readers replied, “I feel like this constantly. And with all the work I have done, it never gets better. So, either I am not doing the self work the right way or with the right support. Or perhaps I am never going to be freed from the bungee cord.”
Understandably, there’s a lot of pain and frustration in that statement. And, there are a lot of people who can relate.
So, the question is: what to do in this situation where our personal growth work doesn’t seem to be making a difference or bearing the fruits we would like it to.
#1 Keep on! Rome was not built in a day. We’ve been reinforcing some of our crappy thinking habits for almost as long as we have been alive so they are pretty deeply ingrained. It can (at times) take a while to change these. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge progress.
The boxer said – the secret to my success is that I’ve always gotten up one more time after I got knocked down.
Napoleon Hill said something along the lines of – when your good does show up, it will come in such an avalanche that you will be shocked.
#2 Stay curious – keep exploring. Sometimes even though we’ve done some work, we haven’t hit the main bungee cord. Based on my results, what must I believe? This is a great question to help us continue to explore. When you uncover something new, do your letting go work. When you uncover the same thing again, do more letting go work.
#3 Ultimately, we have a choice, rise up or give up. So even if it isn’t going the way we want it to, we can give ourselves immense credit for still being in the game, still being engaged rather than having given up.
#4 Remember the perspective that most, if not all, of our problems are first world problems. We’ve got it pretty good even if we aren’t hitting home runs in some areas of our lives.
#5 Sometimes it makes sense to work with a coach and get some outside eyes and expertise on what’s really in the way.
#6 It is all an opportunity to practice loving, accepting, and approving of ourselves exactly as we are – which ultimately is what personal growth work is all about.
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