Limiting Identities

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Limiting Identities 
A client recently got into a fender bender on the way to see me. So, we started our session by working on the physical stuff – sore neck, sore back, sore stomach, and stressed out nervous system.
I noticed that her neck wanted to hang on to the idea of being hurt. If necks could talk, her neck would have said, “oh poor me I’m hurt.”
I said, “No you are not! You are just fine.” I wouldn’t allow her neck to hang on to the “hurt” identity. I shifted it to the “just fine” identity.
After doing this, the neck, back, and stomach pain were gone within 5 minutes and the nervous system relaxed almost all the way back to normal.
This got me to thinking – where else do we do that? Where else do we take our identity from our problems and our limitations? Where else would our pain dissipate and our happiness increase if we upgraded what we identify with?
What would happen if we upgraded our foundation identity to “I’m fine! Life is good! I am blessed!”

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photo credit: HaoJan 原來我還是滿熟悉這樣的感覺的嘛 via photopin (license)

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