Leaving the past in the past  

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Leaving the past in the past 
We so often think that in order to change and for things to be different, we need to make up for the past.
Yes, the past has got us to where we are today. But, the future is created in the now.
For example, let’s say I want to change my physical fitness. My past choices have created the body I have today. But I don’t need to eat 800 salads to make up for all the ice cream I’ve eaten in my life. I don’t need to make up for what I ate last week or even yesterday. I just need to start some new habits today – eating healthier and exercising more. And if I start those new habits and stick with them consistently, I will create change.
To change, we simply need to leave our past in the past. We cannot bring it with us and change. So, leave the hurts, regrets, disappointments, self-judgments and the like in the past. We don’t need to make up for them. We just need to start something new today.
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