Incredibly backwards

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Incredibly backwards 
Mass consciousness/group think/the status quo/the world out there is so backwards in so many ways.
One of those ways is how often people criticize, belittle, condemn, negatively judge, and withhold energy – rather than support, uplift, and give energy.
The key thing we are missing every time we engage in that sort of behavior is – it hurts us too.
It is impossible to do those things and not feel heavier. Those behaviors close our hearts and bring our energy down. There is a long list of consequences when this happens: we become more lethargic and apathetic. We become more fragile i.e. we get upset easier. Our brains work slower, less accurately, and less creatively. We become far less magnetic to our own good. We enjoy life less and our happiness goes down.
The opposite of all that happens when we support others, lift them up, and freely give energy. It is a win win strategy!
Yet, the default setting for mass consciousness is the negative stuff – how crazy backwards is that!
There’s no such thing as a habitual fault finder or a habitual criticizer who loves life and is happy. Those cannot coexist in the same space.
If you want to become happier and enjoy your life more, increase your amount of support, uplifting, and giving of energy.
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photo credit: Nithi clicks Love Has No Age via photopin (license)

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