Experiences and Expectations

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Experiences and Expectations experiences and expectations
I recently wrote a Daily Dose about how easy it was to find our Christmas tree this year and how we were challenged by this and our struggle to allow it to be easy.
This little event made it crystal clear to me how our experiences create our expectations and then many of these expectations become our limitations.
Because of our previous experiences, we expected that it would be hard to find a tree we could all agree on. So, when we quickly and easily found the right tree, it did not match up with our expectations which made us struggle a little before we could allow it to be easy.
Now let’s look at something more relevant than a Christmas tree. Let’s use money as an example. If our money experiences involved scarcity, worry, or stress, then we will expect more of the same. Soon we have a self-fulfilling prophecy about money problems based on those old experiences (and the new ones we keep creating).
Things will never change until we break this cycle and create new expectations about money. We need to believe that it is possible for things to be different before we see the experience of them becoming different.
One way of doing that is catching ourselves in the old way of thinking and saying “that was then, that was the old me” and then jump to the new way of thinking “this is now and this is my new way of thinking” where I have peace and relaxation about money, where I operate out of abundance, etc.
“That was then, this is now” can allow us to shift our attention, focus, and expectations instantly.

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