Deep peace and surface storms

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Deep peace and surface storms 
Deep down I’ve always had this sense that things are going to be okay, things are going to work out, I’ll be taken care of, that everything is all right.
(I don’t know if this is the case for most people. I suspect it is, but I don’t know. Is it?)
So, deep down there’s peace and trust. But on the surface, I’ve had my fair share of worry, concern, anxiety, being a control freak, stress, frustration, uncertainty, and impatience.
This morning during my quiet time and prayer time, I sought guidance about career, Jonathan Manske Coaching, money and how to use my gifts and talents.
I got an answer, “Trust Me!”
I replied, “That’s it?”
“Yes! That’s it.”
Then I had the insight about how I’ve always had that deep peace but on the surface, I’ve had all that other stuff.
Imagine being able to look at a cross section of a big body of water. The top layer of water is cloudy and turbulent while the deeper waters are calm, clear, tranquil, and peaceful.
I’ve spent most (darn near all) of my life swimming in the surface waters. Now it is time to live in the deep waters.
It is so easy for us to get caught up in the turbulence of life – but, we don’t have to do that. There is another option.
Much Love,

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photo credit: Bernd Thaller Mare Adriatico via photopin (license)

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