Celebrating wins and progress

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Celebrating wins and progress 
It is so important to celebrate progress – even the little things!
My mom had a stroke a little over 4 weeks ago. Last week in physical therapy, she walked 90 feet with only a little assistance. The week before that, she couldn’t move her right leg. So, that is a  huge win and mom did celebrate that.
Yesterday in physical therapy, mom was sitting in a chair and was supposed to slide her right foot towards her left foot and then slide it away again. She was having a hard time with this and I could see that she was getting frustrated and discouraged.
However, I could see her hip moving and her thigh muscles engaging. That was something she couldn’t do last week. I pointed this out to her and invited her to be encouraged. She’s making progress even if the results are not yet what she wants them to be.
When we acknowledge and celebrate progress (even when we are not where we want to be), we get to be encouraged, happy and optimistic.
When we discount progress, or even ignore it, and focus on not being there yet, we end up frustrated, discouraged, tired and unhappy.
One of these paths is far more useful, enjoyable, and effective than the other. Which path do you spend more time on?

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photo credit: Rose PT via photopin (license)

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