Advertising ~ The enemy of self-worth

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Advertising ~ The enemy of self-worth 
We are under attack by a subtle force that destroys confidence, well-being, and self-worth. That subtle force is advertising. How many billboards, magazine ads, TV commercials, and banner ads do you see in a day? How many have you seen in your life?
Almost all of them are saying that you are not okay right now but if you made some sort of change then you would be.
Once your teeth are whiter, then you will be popular.
Once your kitchen garbage doesn’t smell, then you will be approved of by your in-laws.
Once you start drinking this beer, then your life will be fun and exciting.
Once your white clothes are whiter, then you will be okay.
Once you drive this car, then you will be one of the cool kids.
Once you drink this cola, then you will have a life.
Once you . . . (we could go on and on)
Most of these ads are telling us that we are bad and wrong right now and will remain that way until something is different.
With this constant bombardment, is it any wonder that people so often have confidence and self-worth issues? Anyone who isn’t going to the personal growth gym on a regular basis is almost certain to be swept away in this current of disapproval.
This notion that we are not okay now and that we need to be fixed in order to be acceptable is such a stinking lie. We pay a big price whenever we believe that lie.
p.s. – an ask: I’m shaving my head on March 10 with St Baldricks for childhood cancer research. All donations are greatly appreciated!

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