Seekers and finders

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Seekers and finders  When something is lost, there are people who set out to look for it and then there are people that set out to find it. The finders tend to find the lost item more often and far faster than the lookers do. Many people identify themselves as seekers. This can be a […]

What can I do???

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What can I do???  I’ve had a rough couple of days because I was stressed out about the situation with my mom. (Mom had a stroke two weeks ago and cannot move her right arm or leg). I was feeling heavy and helpless because there’s nothing I can do to fix it, to make her […]

Two Strategies

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Two Strategies  We can either sit around, hoping and praying that people will find us – or we can put in the necessary work to become the kind of person that people go looking for. One of these strategies is far more useful, enjoyable and effective than the other. Much Love, Jonathan Help me out […]

Solution mode

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Solution mode  Have you noticed that so often people want to keep on rehashing the problem, and elaborating, and reviewing, and remembering similar offenses and . . . There is zero benefit when we do that. Zero! The problem can be covered in a minute or two. Then it is time to turn our attention […]

If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it

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If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it  My email service decided to revamp their platform. Wednesday evening when I went to send out my Daily Dose, I couldn’t even figure out how to do it. And since there was no advance warning of the changes, I was taken by surprise. It took 30 minutes with […]

Being present by projecting into the future

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Being present by projecting into the future Be present. Be here now. Live in the present. We’ve heard this wise advice many times in many ways. Interestingly enough, projecting into the future can actually help us be more present now. If I’m feeling the invitation to check out or the invitation to not do what […]

The gravity of the status quo

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The gravity of the status quo When dealing with others (in sales and otherwise) we often forget that one of their options is to do nothing, to embrace the status quo. They don’t have to change, improve, seek a better solution, seek an answer, etc. Due to things like fear of change, comfort zones, disbelief […]

The Jail Cell Door is Wide Open

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The Jail Cell Door is Wide Open I watched something interesting today. I observed a person stay really committed to her upset for over two hours. There were so many opportunities for her to leave her upset and she just kept retreating back into it. We were in a really positive, happy, and joyful environment […]

Victim Mode / Creator Mode

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Victim Mode / Creator Mode We become so helpless when we slip into victim mode – after all, we are the victim here so there’s nothing we can do about things. All we can hope for is that an external force comes along to change things on our behalf. When we are in creator mode, […]

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