Wealth Consciousness Boot Camp

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Expose yourself constantly to wealthful ideas – think prosperity, think substance, think affluence.

~ Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics

Genuine wealth is more than just financial. The origin of the word “wealth” actually means well-being. True wealth is having an abundance of the things that make life worthwhile ~ fulfillment, successful relationships, money, opportunity, health and well-being, purpose, meaning . . .

The Wealth Consciousness Boot Camp is about increasing your wealth!

Are you ready to achieve unprecedented levels of wealth, happiness, fulfillment, and success?

In order for that to happen, you must upgrade your beliefs, thoughts, perspectives, and mindset.

Wealthy people think differently than people who are not wealthy. Happy people think differently than people who are not happy. Successful people think differently than people who are not successful. Fulfilled people think differently than people who are not fulfilled and so on . . .

When we change our thinking ~ we change our lives!

Expert after expert tells us that when we want to create positive change in our lives, we need to start with how we think.

But, how do you go about changing how you think? That is the tricky part. And, there is only one reliable way to change how you think ~ CONSISTENT EFFORT OVER TIME.

Changing your thinking is a lot like getting in shape. An occasional hard workout does not have any lasting impact. You must consistently workout over time in order to produce the desired change.

That is exactly what the Wealth Consciousness Boot Camp is all about ~ consistent effort over time, working on growing yourself and your wealth consciousness, learning how to think like a wealthy person.

The Wealth Consciousness Boot Camp is a 30-day commitment of an hour a day doing this crucial work to retrain your brain and upgrade your wealth consciousness. You will upgrade your thoughts, feelings, actions, and results.

Your power of thought, rightly directed, is the key to happy, successful, and wealthy living. You really can learn how to think like a prosperous, successful, happy, fulfilled, and wealthy person. When you start doing this, you will positively change your life forever!

I changed my thoughts. And when I changed my thoughts, I changed the way I felt. And when I changed the way I felt, I changed the way I acted. And when I changed the way I acted, I got better results.

~ Weldon Long, The Upside of Fear

Your levels of wealth, abundance, success, and happiness will never change until you upgrade your beliefs, attitudes, mindset, and consciousness!

I love the Wealth Consciousness Boot Camp for what it does. It is the most powerful and positively impactful program I have ever offered. If you are ready to upgrade your wealth consciousness, I would love to have you join me for this liberating and transformational work.

This program is virtual so it does not matter where you live.

New members can join the Wealth Consciousness Boot Camp on the 1st or 15th of every month. Tuition is $350/person. Bring a friend and your tuition becomes two for $550, or $275 per person.

In the Wealth Consciousness Boot Camp, you get:

  • The Wealth Consciousness Tool Box ~ tools, techniques, and strategies for belief change work to use when you uncover limiting beliefs, negative emotions, and you glass ceilings.
  • The Wealth Consciousness Tool Box recording where all of the tools are explained.
  • A daily check in conference call where you get to share your progress and/or what you learned, get acknowledged for the work you have done, get supported by the other boot camp members, and get laser coaching.
  • A weekly one-hour mini-workshop on a variety of relevant wealth consciousness topics.
  • Access to an private on-line journaling program (with more than 50 journaling topics to assist you in exploring and expanding your wealth consciousness).
  • Access to the Wealth Consciousness Boot Camp archives (40+ audio recordings and other resources).
  • An amazing reading list.
  • Love and support from a lot of great people.


How the Wealth Consciousness Boot Camp began:

In October of 2011, I took a really hard and honest look at my life. What I saw wasn’t pretty. I had been pretending for years that things were changing and that I was turning the corner. The truth was – things weren’t changing and I wasn’t turning the corner. Nothing had really changed for the positive. I was just treading water.

That’s when I said to myself that I need to start walking my talk. I decided that I needed to spend an hour a day working on myself. I needed to put in some consistent effort over time exploring my consciousness and upgrading my limiting beliefs. I needed to put myself into a boot camp! And, I did!

Very quickly into this process I started to notice positive change. My awareness took a big leap forward and I started to catch myself much more often when I got up to mischief in my head. This allowed me to start making different choices with regards to thoughts, behaviors, emotions, perspectives, and moods.

I said to myself, “Well if I need this, I’m sure there are others that do too.” So, I created the Wealth Consciousness Boot Camp and put it out to my database – and sure enough others signed up.

The Wealth Consciousness Boot Camp has been going on ever since with new people joining on the 1st or 15th of every month.

I have so much to show for this work! I have more money in the bank. I am much happier and more fulfilled. My marriage is a thousand times more enjoyable and stronger than it was. I love my life now. I have learned more in this past year than . . . probably since I was a young child. I have dropped so much baggage. And more . . .

I invite you to continue this amazing journey with me!

What some participants have to say:

I joined the Wealth Consciousness Boot Camp 4 months ago and I can honestly say these 4 months have been happier and just plain easier for me than any stretch of time that I can remember. I guess there’s something about starting your day out on the right foot, getting up early and feeling like you’re off and running in the right direction. The group feedback gets you back on track if you do had a bad day or come across a challenge. I’ve learned many techniques on how to stay positive and appreciate all the prosperity in my life. I’ve had countless free things come to me since I’ve been in this mode of receiving. Maybe they were there before, but I never noticed or took credit or paid attention to them. Regardless of whether they were there all along, I feel more blessed, happier, more in control of my life and my ability to create financial wealth for myself. As a bonus, I also gained more awareness of ALL the abundance in my life, not just my bank account. I believe in this program so much that I already committed for the entire next year! I do believe it changes lives and can help even the most negative or discouraged person turn their life around. You should give it a try for 30 days and see how great your life can be!  ~ Sharlene Douthit, Denver, CO

Participating in the Wealth Consciousness Boot Camp has been life changing.  Positive results in my home and my business are happening more frequently and more consistently.  However, hands down the peace and contentment I now experience is the largest benefit.  Continual encouragement, education, and ideas were promised and are delivered daily in the check-in calls and via the journaling site.  And as I receive the abundance training and apply it in my life – my world is impacted.  True abundance!  Thank you Jonathan and thank you God for this Boot Camp.  ~  Karla Osorno – Arbonne International, Reno, NV

I was aware of this program for some time and finally hopped on board. Wow! Wish I had done this earlier. At first I was hesitant to commit to an early morning call-in each day but then I quickly discovered how valuable and amazing each day was turning out to be. Combining the excellent list of reading materials along with other participants experiences along with Jonathan’s expert insights and suggestions brought me a lot of…Ah Haa, moments. Daily immersion in right ways of thinking and erasing bad ways of thinking is something we need to do in order to change habits. Otherwise it won’t happen. Jonathan’s Boot Camp is just what the doctor ordered. Thanks Jonathan.  ~ Todd Scholl, Denver, CO

I started the Wealth Consciousness Boot Camp at a time in my life when I was treading water in my professional life. After 22 years of real estate investing, the 2006-2011 stretch had left me lost and wondering where to go from here. The boot camp seemed to be designed just for me with the book list and daily calls giving me ideas and a forum to check in on how I was progressing. Through many forks in the road with the help of the reading list, daily calls, and a few emails back and forth with Jonathan I was able to sharpen my focus, take on a meaningful new project, and feel much better about myself. I have made great progress in my new project, FastandFuriousCook.com and would not have done it without the help of the bootcamp. The structure of the 30 day bootcamp and the ability to sign up for additional months at a very reasonable rate is a very effective way for anyone wanting to take their business/financial life up a couple of notches while discovering how capable and great you really are. This bootcamp will open the way to a wealthier happier life.  ~ Kurt J, Baltimore, MD

During the Wealth Consciousness Boot Camp I learned to be aware of my thinking and learned more about myself in 30 days than I had in the previous 50 years!  Be aware and change your thinking quickly and your life will change!  ~ J Campbell, Centennial, CO

The benefits of the Wealth Consciousness Boot Camp are vast. I have learned to become more self aware and have learned a higher capacity to love myself and others. The work has led to my business doubling as I learn to let go of old stories that aren’t serving. It has allowed me to be a better leader, person, friend, wife and mother! Highly recommend for everyone!  ~ Jenny, Parker, CO

I have participated in the Wealth Consciousness Boot Camp for several months! While participating, I gained invaluable insight as to how my views surrounding money are hindering my wealth! I always focused on all of the bills that needed to be paid and how there always seemed to be more month at the end of the money.  Through this bootcamp, I gained a new awareness and I am shifting the mindset of scarcity/lack to one of abundance! I still have work to do but every time I start to think with a scarcity mindset I shift that to one of abundance!  ~ K Edmiston, Denver, CO

Things are changing fast. More money in the bank. More cash on hand. More understanding of money movement in my life. More connection to the business aspects of my life. Happier, calmer. I recommend it.  ~  Simon G, Orinda, CA

The big change I’ve noticed is an increased awareness about thoughts I had that hold me back, such as believing that money isn’t important or that I can’t afford it, and also limiting thoughts such as I don’t think I can change my habits. The reading, conference calls, and tools are helping me realize these beliefs are not true. I have started to feel more hopeful, calm, and excited about my future. I am using the tools to create positive thoughts and images in my head and am noticing changes. This has been an incredible experience and we are only 11 days in!  ~  Amelia B, Denver, CO

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