Success Boot Camp For Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

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Success Boot Camp For Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

April 20, 2013 and coming soon to DVD

If you are not getting the results you want ~ this simply means that there is something you do not know.

In this workshop you will discover what you do not know and the “how to” for putting this into action! When you do this you upgrade your results!

The Success Boot Camp delivers Chris, Sharlene, and Jonathan’s combined fifty plus years of studying success, potential, sales, leadership, and high performance.

Most often the “what we do not know” is at the level of mindset, beliefs, and attitudes (which most training does not sufficiently address). This creates two incredibly frustrating experiences: 1) doing all the right things but not getting the results that you “should” be getting 2) knowing what the right things are to do but you cannot seem to do them. This is the kind of stuff that can drive you crazy!

Neuro-sciences and positive psychology tell us that 80% of success is in mindset, beliefs, and attitudes and yet this is usually the last place people look to create improvement. Instead, they want to focus on learning a new technique that they can do, forgetting that no amount of doing will produce the desired result if something is off with mindset and beliefs.

This workshop primarily focuses on that 80% of success.

“What we do not know” can also be in strategy and tactics, or in business and sales training. (This workshop provides some key pieces in these areas.)

Without these missing pieces), people often are disappointed in their results. This creates frustration, burnout, and can lead to people leaving their businesses.

If you want to unleash yourself to live up to your potential, this workshop is a must. Here is what you will get:

  • Powerful tools to upgrade your beliefs and mindset
  • Increased self confidence
  • How to overcome phone phobia
  • How to sell without feeling like a salesperson
  • How to develop an abundance consciousness
  • Clarity about what really matters to you
  • How to dramatically increase your productivity
  • How to work with goals in a useful way (most people get shut down by goals rather than inspired)
  • How to increase your belief in yourself and your abilities


April 20, 8:30 – 5:00
Innovation Pavilion, 9200 E. Mineral Ave. Centennial, CO 80112
$97 before March 15 ~ $117 before April 11 ~ $147 after April 11

Register Here and get ready to drink from the fire hose! Many past participants have taken over 20 pages of notes. There’s no fluff here just powerful tools, strategies, and information that will change your business forever! (Note there’s a glitch in the pay button that says that discount pricing ends on April 1. It ends on April 11th.)

investment in yourself

Your Presenters

Chris Felton ~ a top 50 money earner out of 20,000 agents in his direct sales business, Professional Speaker, and author of Couples Money.

Jonathan Manske ~ Cerebral Sanitation Engineer, Professional Speaker, and author of The Motivation Myth, A Great life Does Not Happen By Accident, and The Law of Attraction Made Simple.

Sharlene Douthit ~ Founder of Financially Fit Females, Serial Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, Author, Radio Show Host of Financially Fit Friday’s on

 What Past Participants Have To Say:

I attended the Success Boot Camp last Saturday and was simply amazed at the amount of content that was provided! I took so many notes and had so many “ah ha” moments that I left with a feeling of a day well spent. It was well worth the investment, time and effort spent to be at the workshop on a weekend day.

The presenters did an outstanding job of mixing up the day to keep things interesting and I have many new ideas and selling techniques to implement in my businesses.

I would highly recommend this class not only to people who are in Networking Marketing Companies but to anyone who owns their own business or is in sale in any way. Very valuable and relevant information! ~ Sharlene Douthit, Denver, Colorado

I have had my own home based business for 5 years now and while I am successful with it, I am not at the level that I want to be at. Several things from the Success Boot Camp resonated with me! Chris mentioned having a savings goal, as this will help attract abundance! I love that and never looked at it that way. Jonathan’s tools for getting out of your own way and filling your bucket are priceless and things that I have used daily since the boot camp.  Being a type A personality, I love the “homework assignments, it is a boot camp” these remind me the steps that I need to take daily to transform my life to the way it is meant to be lived. Thank you both for this wonderful day of learning that has already had an impact! ~ Katie Edmiston, Arbonne

So many ‘Ah-ha’ moments and ideas that provide immediate benefit. This workshop is an absolute must for those desiring to grow themselves and their business. ~  Stacy, Arbonne

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