Procrastination Cure

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Action Deficit Disorder and the Cure for Procrastination

How much has procrastination cost you ~ personally, professionally, financially?

Most people suffer from Action Deficit Disorder. Instead of taking appropriate action, people procrastinate, hesitate, or avoid.  Consequently, they end up not doing enough of the things that produce the results and outcomes that they want. So, they do not get the results and outcomes that they want. Instead, they have excuses and resolutions to do better tomorrow.

In The Cure for Procrastination teleseminar, you will:

  • understand why your brain is wired to procrastinate
    • and what to do about this
  • see why procrastination is a perfectly appropriate behavior
    • and how to change this behavior
  • receive many simple to use tools and strategies that will help you to be in action more often

When: Wednesday May 24th ~ 7:00pm mountain, 9:00pm eastern, 8:00pm central, 6:00pm pacific ***

Where: Your telephone or online

Agenda: The content is 60 minutes and then I will stay on the line afterwards until all questions are answered.

Investment: $30

*** The program will be recorded for later listening.

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