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Plenty Back when I was in grad school in Hawaii, the locals used the term “plenty” all the time. For example, I had a job where some days I sat up on top of a cliff and used a telescope to view and record all the activity in Kaneohe Bay. On others days, I would […]

Hearts Don’t Judge

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Hearts Don’t Judge Hearts are meant to love and to be open – not to judge. When we judge others, it hurts our hearts. And, this pain makes us far less magnetic to our good. Said another way: when I am judging others, I have closed my heart to God. I have edged God out […]

Dominated By Time

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Dominated By Time Any time that we are not experiencing lightness, ease, and joy in whatever we are doing, we are being dominated by time. And when we are being dominated by time, we naturally feel stress, pressure, and anxiety (usually because we think there’s not enough time) which makes us far less magnetic to […]

Definite consequences to feeling stressed and rushed

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Definite consequences to feeling stressed and rushed A big trap people fall into is the story that we don’t have enough time. This automatically puts us into scarcity consciousness. We will then naturally feel stressed, pressured, and rushed. And there are serious negative consequences to feeling this way. When we are feeling this way, our […]

Cost or Benefit?

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Cost or Benefit Our course of action is often determined by whether we are focusing on the cost or on the benefit. Over the years, I’ve encountered many people who are stuck and frustrated and desperately want different results. However, they talk themselves out of doing anything about it because they focus on the costs […]

Secret Sauce Recipe

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Secret Sauce Recipe If we don’t document what we put in our delicious secret sauce, then we cannot make it again. If we do document it, then re-creation is easy. When we are in the groove, in the zone, creating unprecedented results ~ if we don’t document what we did to get ourselves there, how […]

Whose job is it to judge?

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Whose job is it to judge? Does judging others give you peace of mind? Does it create happiness? It certainly does not for me. I don’t think anyone has ever judged their way to happiness. Who am I to judge? I am certainly not perfect. How another person lives his or her life is between […]

To Not Take Offense

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To Not Take Offense We get so easily offended. We are so willing to take and make things personal. How much joy, happiness, and peace of mind has this cost you? What would happen if we got over being so easily offended? A friend of mine prays every day for the grace to not be […]

Stories and Focus

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Stories and Focus A friend of mine is starting a 30 day cleanse. If she focuses on all the foods she cannot eat and tells herself stories of lack and deprivation – she will suffer a lot, become much less likely to successfully complete the program, and that counter-intent and resistance will make the program […]

Fear of Spiders

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Fear of Spiders I’ve cured my daughter of her fear of spiders 3 times now. She stays cured for a while (a couple of years one time). Then she spends some time with a friend with a spider phobia (based on a small sample size, this seems to be a very common phobia with my […]

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