What are you attracting?

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We are either attracting the people and circumstances that support our limiting beliefs to come true or that support our dreams to come true. Usually the difference between these two is personal growth, letting go of limitations, and expanding what is possible. Much Love, Jonathan I write these Daily Doses because I know that my […]

Kryptonite Thinking

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There are all kinds of lousy thoughts that can stop us as dead in our tracks as kryptonite stops superman. If I label something as “not fun” I most likely will not do it or at least will avoid it as long as possible. If I’m not careful, the small not fun thing can easily […]

A Perfect Match

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Our results are a perfect match for our beliefs, mindset, and the stories we tell ourselves. So, if we want different results, we have to upgrade our beliefs, mindset, and the stories we tell ourselves. Much Love, Jonathan I write these Daily Doses because I know that my content does make a difference and helps […]

Redefining Risky Business and the Safer Path

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It is almost impossible to escape the gravitational pull of our comfort zones when we are operating under the story that comfort equals safety. The number one human need is safety and survival – so if we have it wired that getting out of our comfort zone is not safe – it will be impossible […]

Yes! Absolutely! I gratefully and graciously accept.

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How good are you at allowing others to contribute to you? How good are you at accepting help and assistance? How well do you receive? Do you let other people take care of you? Most of us aren’t all that great at these things and there are consequences to that. We end up limiting how […]

Socially Acceptable???

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Worry is socially acceptable. Negative self-talk is socially acceptable. Gossiping and bad-mouthing others is socially acceptable. Complaining and making others wrong is socially acceptable. And many other things like this . . . Whoa! If all that is socially acceptable, then our society has clearly gotten off track! How can things that are clearly detrimental […]

Is it worth it?

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Sometimes all we need to do is ask ourselves this question: Is it worth it? Is it worth it to get upset? Is it worth it to worry? Is it worth it to get down on myself? Is it worth it to compare myself to others? Is it worth it to hang onto my anger? […]

Letting Go Of Resentments

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Remember this and it will be easier to let go of resentments, upsets, irritations, and the like: it isn’t you that wants to hold on to these things. It is your little troll that wants to hold on to it in order to keep you where you are – down in the familiar zone. Much […]

Expectations Often Come From Limitations

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When we stop and examine our expectations, we often find that they are more limitations than expectations. We expect that we cannot hit that number because we haven’t hit it before – but what if we can! We expect that it has to take a long time – but what if it doesn’t! We expect […]

The Missing Word

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A lot of confusion and suffering gets created because we are missing a word in the English language. We need a word for the good kind of selfish ~ self-full. Notice how you cringe when you hear that word selfish. We all know that it is a bad thing to be selfish. But that’s the […]

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