Best Days

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Best Days Are your best days still ahead of you or are you looking at them in the rear view mirror? Much Love, Jonathan I write these Daily Doses because I know that my content does make a difference and helps people live better lives. So, if you know someone who would benefit from today’s […]

Who says we have to listen?

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Who says we have to listen? People share their opinions with us all the time and so often for some reason, we think we have to listen, value their opinions, and take their advice to heart. We don’t. I had 3 separate discussions with people today who were suffering tremendously because of what other people […]

Just Get Started

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Just Get Started Just do something – no matter how small. Just get started. We often experience resistance to doing something which means that we have some sort of lousy, uninspiring, or limiting story about it. We can decrease that resistance by lowering the energy of activation (the amount of energy we need to spend […]

Not One of the Others

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Not One of the Others Here’s a common limiting belief: Other people (fill in the blank) but not me. Other people get wealth but not me. Other people have great relationships but not me. Other people get what they want but not me. Other people drive nice cars but not me. Other people have vacation homes but […]

Reporters and Artists

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Reporters and Artists When we speak, we often think that we are a reporter – factually reporting on what we are observing. But our words are much more like the artist’s brush – painting and creating our experience. Think about something or someone that makes you mad and then say these three different things and […]

You Have Already Arrived

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You Have Already Arrived People live so much of their lives thinking that they have not arrived yet – but that they will arrive when they are (fill in the blank) more successful, wealthier, skinnier, happier, etc. This is a lousy life strategy. First of all it creates a lot of suffering. “I’m not okay because I […]

A Couple of Deep Questions

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A Couple of Deep Questions What do you really believe you deserve (at a deep honest level rather than the “what-I-wish-it-was” level? How valuable are you? If your answers are not what you want them to be, that is okay. Just know that this is a valuable place for some personal growth work and that […]

Dominated By Time

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Dominated By Time Any time that we are not experiencing lightness, ease, and joy in whatever we are doing, we are being dominated by time. And when we are being dominated by time, we naturally feel stress, pressure, and anxiety (usually because we think there’s not enough time) which makes us far less magnetic to […]

Twisted Logic

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Twisted Logic I’m not worthy to get there because I have not gotten there yet! That sounds ridiculous! It is not logical. And – that twisted belief dominates many people’s lives. If that rings a bell with you – you have some letting go homework to do. (Thanks to Steve Johnsen for today’s Dose) Much […]

Pine Cones and Attention

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Pine Cones and Attention I was talking with a client this morning about how good it is for our business when people feel good about themselves when they are around us. She asked, “How do you do that?” One of my answers was – by giving that other person our full attention. Our attention is […]

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