An accountability question

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An accountability question  I was recently asked, “How can I hold myself accountable to taking the actions needed to move forward?” The first thing to understand is that our behaviors (no matter how frustrating they might be) always make sense when we uncover the underlying story. For example: Let’s say that I’m trying to hold […]

Want and willingness

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Want and willingness  Want without willingness is – pointless, a pipe dream, a way to be frustrated and disappointed. And, wanting without being willing to do the work is a common issue. I want to be in good physical shape but I’m not willing to do the work. I want to make more money/ grow […]

99% is hard, 100% is easy

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99% is hard, 100% is easy Fully committing to something tends to be much easier (and easier on us) than mostly committing to something. Last June I decided that it was time to start eating better. I haven’t had a desert, a pastry, a sweet snack, or a potato chip since May. And it has […]

Extending the life of your willpower battery

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Extending the life of your willpower battery Will power is a very useful thing (statement of the obvious there). However, willpower works like a battery. When we use some there is less left until we recharge. Think of a flashlight. When the battery is weak, very little light is produced. When the battery is dead, […]

When head trash and will power collide

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When head trash and will power collide When head trash and will power collide, guess what wins pretty much every time? People often think that they just need more will power and that they can power through their head trash and resistance. But, will power has been proven to act like a battery. When you […]

Top 3 qualities of an Entrepreneur

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Top 3 qualities of an Entrepreneur I was interviewed on a podcast recently and was asked, “what are the top 3 qualities that an entrepreneur should have?” Here’s my top 3: Passion ~ so that while we are making a living we are also making a life. Tenacity ~ of course we are going to […]

Yes! Absolutely! I gratefully and graciously accept.

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How good are you at allowing others to contribute to you? How good are you at accepting help and assistance? How well do you receive? Do you let other people take care of you? Most of us aren’t all that great at these things and there are consequences to that. We end up limiting how […]


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John F. Kennedy famously said, “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” So often people fall into the trap of thinking that someone owes them something – gratitude, respect, appreciation, support, recognition, opportunity – or maybe that life or God owes them […]

Building an Elegant Trap

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In order to better understand people, we need to understand how pain and pleasure motivate. We either move away from pain or we move towards pleasure. Moving away from pain is reactive and moving towards pleasure is proactive. Most of the time people are moving away from pain rather than moving towards what they really […]

Willing and Aware

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Willing and Aware  Much of personal growth boils down to willingness and awareness. If we aren’t willing to face our fears, get out of our comfort zone, or challenge what we think is the truth ~ then our results will stay the same. If we aren’t willing to put in the time and the effort […]

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